Airline Review: Philippine Airlines

Over the past few months I have been flying with Philippine Airlines, I used to fly with their competitor (budget airline) as I thought that they were the cheapest. As much as I don’t mind flying with the budget airline as they used to be super cheap, there was this one instance that kinda shook me and made me realize that a little difference in my airfare won’t hurt me. So, why did I make the switch to Philippine Airlines? Read More


Discovering Persia (a part of it)

My trip to Iran was supposed to be a surprise to David, he visited me in Dubai and he was flying to Iran after. I was supposed to drop him at the airport, then tell him that I’m flying out with him. Unfortunately, the trip coincided with some important matters at work. I ended up booking a flight 14 days after David left Dubai (He was in Iran for 3 weeks). Read More

Euro Trip (Part 2) – Brussels

When I arrived in Brussels, I met up with David outside the metro station near his family’s place. Their place was very convenient as it was near the metro station and at the center of Brussels. We went to their place and had a quick lunch. Since I was still jet-lagged and David had to do some work, He suggested that I freshen up Read More

Euro Trip (Part 1) – Flying Cheap

Last month I went to Brussels to visit David (my Travel Buddy), I guess I was lucky enough to book really cheap flights. Believe it or not, I only paid a total of AED. 317.36 ($86.61) to fly from Dubai to Brussels. You’re probably wondering how, right? Okay, so I booked with WizzAir and my flight was from Dubai World Central Airport (which is at the end of Dubai, like in the middle of nowhere). Read More